Specifications for a Good Laptop.

(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)
What are the specifications to look for if I want to get a new laptop?

Not everyone is tech freak, but that shouldn’t deny those who aren’t, the opportunity to get something nice for themselves. When trying to get a system, everyone looks forward to buying something good. But we don’t always get to know what to look out for. So, here’s an article to give you the confidence to walk into that shop and tell the dealer your specification without blinking an eye.

Hey, you need to be sure of what you will be using a system for before getting it, so you don’t just go for something fanciful but unhelpful.

For a system that would be used for leisure and personal cruising purpose, you can go for the least of the specifications outlined below.

  • A PC with graphics intel, not lesser than core i3 dual core at a minimum of 2.0GHz, recent technology goes with core i7, dual processor of 2.4GHz
  • A 2 gig RAM would do. But recent technology has stepped up and you can have systems with 8 GB Ram that can support extension. 16 GB RAM is now available too.
  • A hard disk not lesser than 500 Gigabyte. It is not that any internal drive lesser than 500 won’t work well, it will. But considering the development of the computer technology, a minimum of 500 is the fair catch. But if you want to opt for something not too recent, then you shouldn’t slide below a 250 Gig internal memory.
  • The size of the computer you want would be your choice, but you should know that mini PCs can’t go extra miles.
  • Basic OS: operating system of Windows 7. A Windows update can be done on your PC by your dealer or a certified software engineer. You can update your system with any windows software of your choice. There are Windows 8, Windows 10, any of your choice is cool.
  • Should have at least 2 USB 3.0 ports, and have a DVD RW Drive.
  • Wireless network, with a supportive WPA2, if you’d like a Bluetooth spec too, you should go for one with it.
  • A 13Volts charger with a supportive power-pack up 240 volts.

If you’d be using a PC for something huge like sound and media mix, graphics designing and projective drawings, you should go for a laptop with the highest of those specifications. You might be needing more if you want to get a PC that can go the length of making cartoon and animations. I’d advise you visit a dealer’s shop and talk with a consultant.

So, that’s it. Get your preferences right before you launch into the deep for your catch.

See you soon on the other side of PC owners!

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