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(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)

Having spoken about cyber security (read here), it would be clearly understood that the issue of cybersecurity is something people need to be careful about. Over the years, there has been a large amount of dollars in aggregate stolen from people through the cyberspace. US authorities have apprehended some certain fellows for defrauding people over the internet. They have defrauded about people worldwide with about 530 million dollars.

These cyber-criminals did these frauds by accessing or leaking people’s personal information, bank and card details. They were responsible for stealing and reselling information of visitors or members on various websites. According to the US government, these group of criminals was called “Infraud Organization” who had the funny but saddening motto “In fraud we trust”. They are the largest fraud committing organization that ever exist. Their operations dated way back to 2010, and their group was announced to have duped people of more than 2.2 billion dollars as at 2017.

This was the largest prosecution of cyber-criminals ever done in the US history.
The US Justice Department stated that there were 10,901 registered members of the international Infraud Organization as of March 2017. The members were divided into specific roles and executed them as their functions arise.

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