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(Last Updated On: March 4, 2018)

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One of the greatest innovation that has happened to the world is the drone technology.

Drones are plane-like equipment that are controlled either by remote or computer keys without anyone on board. A popular and unknown of the drone to belong to the class is, quad-copter. The drone technology is popularly referred to as the unmanned aerial system -UAS, or the unmanned aerial vehicle –UAV. However, the entire system of drone and its navigating set is called the UAS while the drone itself, the vehicle is called UAV.

Drones were used in the early ages for military purposes; combat, reconnaissance, and survey. But over time, there are more matters arising that require urgency. So, this technology has been used to develop the various human activities such as agriculture, photography and cinematography, property inspection, and parcel deliveries.

Drones, when designed can be equipped with high-resolution cameras that can cover things at wide range and difficult angles which are sometimes impossible for man to take.

Operative drones usually are designed with the ability to:

  • To operate beyond a line of sight
  • To be able to avoid obstacles
  • As petit in size as possible

This technology has been faced with various challenges which designers and developers have tried working upon; issues of overwhelming sensors, power, and flight time.

The major posed issue to drone design and its development is power. Drones averagely have a flight time of 20 – 30 minutes. Hence, it is impossible for them to go on long missions; they need rest time, to either recharge or change their power source. Everything that is comprised of this vehicle is compacted, talking of panel, battery, drive, etc. Hence it is difficult for this vehicle to have a large power source which could make provision for a more operating time. However, extra load will drag and reduce the optimum flight time and slow down the mission. Talk compactness, talk drones.

Drones are employed in various firms and organizations across the world. Some of them include Amazon Air Prime, the US army, The UK government, DHL Postal Service etc, the testing facility in Malawi.

This technology has created many opportunities for innovators, the staff of drone companies, part dealers and operators. It has also brought about improvement to the world economy from the domestic places where facilities that own them are based and by extension the world. Drone technology is the future that several have looked forward to and anticipated.

As a matter of fact, many organizations have used this vehicle for advertisement and awareness creation programs. This technology is worth everything to be invested in it.

Engineers have been working on various innovations such as secure and encrypted connection ends for both drones and signal receptors, creating even smaller engines, and a more functioning power source which can improve flight time.

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