(Last Updated On: May 4, 2018)

Hi everyone we’re keen to keep you updated with everything going on at Electroneum, moving forward we will release a weekly update doing just that.

This week we have a couple of key announcements; one big milestone, a set of nice photos and some exciting new partnerships and listings, helping us move closer to mass adoption one step at a time.

App update

We’ve listened to you- the community and thanks to your great feedback we’ve further developed the app to easily track and notify you of your Miner pay-outs. Your Mobile Miner has additional functions- we have new visual notifications on your wallet progress which include; payment received, payment processing and payment queued-so that you know your pay-outs are secure.

100,000 Mobile Miners & 1.25m Users

Adding to the update above ETN hit 100,000 mobile miners for the first time since the app went live and we now have 1.25m confirmed users. We’ve done this without any marketing. Marketing will begin as soon as we launch our instant payment system, allowing vendors to accept ETN easily, and instantly. This is our first milestone of mass adoption. We are going to make cryptocurrency widely and easily accepted and you are all part of that!

New exchanges

We have been listed on three new exchanges; these exchanges will provide another platform for the community to buy and exchange- we look forwards to welcoming new investors as ETN continues to grow;

The Real Company launch commemorative silver ETN coin

To celebrate last year’s record-breaking ICO, her company, The Real Coin Company, has created a collectible silver coin made of 1 troy oz. pure silver bearing the ETN logo!  These collector’s coins are on sale now. Only a small number of coins are being minted before the dies will be destroyed, so if you’re interested in celebrating our ICO and owning a valuable collector’s coin (the first ever ICO Commemorative coin), I suggest you check it out here: https://therealcoincompany.com

As part of the collector’s coin offering, The Real Company will be giving 10% of every purchase to a very special charity: https://www.charitywater.org/


Exciting news! Electroneum is now being used by another online retailer –  MGX, one of the first in our mass adoption campaign. They are eagerly awaiting our instant payment option to make the checkout even more slick!

You can purchase goods with ETN at their store just like you would with any fiat currency! MGX has already traded ETN daily since launch. See here for more details on this exciting new venture:

And finally…

You’ve been asking for this for a long time – now you get to see our lovely faces! You will now notice a number of additions to our team members – Meet the team

ETN is, as always, an incredible community, each step in our progress is one that you take with us, your feedback and support help us to grow, have a fantastic weekend, we’ll catch up with you again next week for more updates.

The Electroneum Team.

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